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The An Tir Roll of Arms is a volunteer project, created at the behest of then Black Lion Principal Herald Marco Valentino. The Roll was created, and currently maintained by Frederic Badger serving at the whim of their majesties as Courroune Rouge Herald. The site contains the majority of the registered arms of the residents of Kingdom An Tir, and serves as a resource for the Kingdom.

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So long and thanks for all the ... fish?

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2018-12-13

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I am finally stepping away from the Roll of Arms. It's been over a decade since I started this site at the request of Black Lion Marco Valentino. I was also to step up as Black Lion after him as well. I kept at the Roll for much longer than I expected, simply because it fit two of my interests web coding, and Heraldry. I've always been a book herald at heart, so it has always been a joy to see my work on the Roll showing up all over the kingdom in the form of increased heraldic display. It hasn't always been easy to keep it up to date, and lately I've fallen very far behind due to work, life, family, etc. So, it's time to hand off the reins. Black Lion Marya Kargashina has found someone to take the task on and I will be stepping away. I will be helping out with the transition as best I can, and I have every confidence that the site and Roll will continue to be a value to the kingdom. Thanks for all the support over the years, and keep showing off your heraldry at events! (That was what dragged me, seeing all the banners, shields and flags everywhere at events, it just looked SO COOL!) Frederic Badger

Jan 2017 Letter Added

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2018-02-26

Working my way thru the backlog still.

December 2016 LoAR

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2018-02-04

The registered heraldry for An Tir for December 2016 Laurel letter is up, mainly due to the help of Katla again.

October 2016

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2018-02-03

October 2016 Laurel Letter has been added with a lot of help from Katla járnkona.

Ready all the news and updates here: News and Updates Page.

Random Arms

Random Arms

Emma Barrington
Blazon:Argent, on a cross azure between four roses gules barbed vert a cross flory Or.

Cáe Mór, Shire of

Random Arms

Blazon:Argent, on a fess sable between two laurel wreaths gules three chevronels braced Or.

Notes:Kitimat and Terrace, BC

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