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The Populace Badge of An Tir

The An Tir Roll of Arms is a volunteer project, created at the behest of then Black Lion Principal Herald Marco Valentino. The Roll was created, and currently maintained by Frederic Badger serving at the whim of their majesties as Courroune Rouge Herald. The site contains the majority of the registered arms of the residents of Kingdom An Tir, and serves as a resource for the Kingdom.

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There are 2660 entries in the Roll of Arms for An Tir.

News and Updates

January Letter added to the Roll

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-05-24

Next up February 2016 acceptances to be added.

December 2015 LoAR added

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-03-25

Just added some more armory to the roll from the latest letter. Also, the Barony of Wastekeep registered a populace badge, so I added it to display with those arms known to belong to Wastekeep.

Roll of Arms up to date, and Gremlins...

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-02-28

Ok, caught up on the latest letter so we're up to date again. However, it looks like Gremlins got into the database and corrupted some letters. I think is one of the code updates, somehow things got messed up for special characters. Not sure how that happened, but now I've got the task of going through and fixing them all manually. If you see a name or blazon with a funky little diamond shape, and question mark, not to worry I will eventually get to fixing it. No need to tell me.

Back on and working...

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-02-26

So, funny story about hard drives... actually, not that funny. Anyway, my laptop where I do all my Roll work decided to crap out. Luckily I have everything backed up, it was just losing all my program set ups, and the hard drive itself. I got a new hard drive and finally got all my programs working again so I will be updating the roll again. I just uploaded a half dozen or so, and will get the rest in the coming days.

Ready all the news and updates here: News and Updates Page.

Random Arms

Random Arms

Edmund Halliday
Blazon:Or, semy of trefoil knots inverted azure, a crane close contourny sable within an orle vert.

Briaroak, Shire of

Random Arms

Blazon:Azure, an oak tree eradicated and fructed Or, within a laurel wreath, all within a bordure argent charged with three roses proper.

Notes:Roseburg, OR

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