An Tir Roll of Arms

Frequently Asked Questions

A page to collect the various updates to the Roll of Arms.


Question: I found a mistake on one of the arms, can you fix it?

Answer: Absolutely. While we try very hard to double check all work, some mistakes creep in. Please just let us know what needs to be fixed via the Contact page.

Question: My device is not included in the roll!?!? Why not?

Answer: That could be for a number of reasons. If your arms were registered in another Kingdom, or before An Tir was a Kingdom, we might not know about them. Please let us know what the registered name is, and we'll take care of it. If it was recently registered, we might not have had time yet to update the Roll.

Question: I just moved here from another Kingdom, can I get added to the roll?

Answer: First off, welcome to An Tir! Secondly, you bet! Just let us know what name your arms are registered under. If you wish, you can send your artwork as well, or links to your former Kingdom's Roll of Arms/Order of Precedence.

Question: My device is not registered yet, can I have it included here?

Answer: Nope. Your device must be properly registered with the SCA's College of Heralds.

Question: My badge is registered too, can I put that up?

Answer: The Roll is only for the display of registered devices at this time, and it is unlikely we will start displaying badges as well.


Question: Why does the device artwork look different artwork than I submitted?

Answer: Devices are almost always re-drawn digitally for the Roll. We will use the device submissions on OSCAR for reference and inspiration, but are rarely going to take images straight from the submission process to put up on the Roll of Arms.

Question: Thanks for putting my arms in the roll, but I would rather use my own artwork. Can I do that?

Answer: Absolutely! We'll usually create art for each device, but if you'd rather use your own artwork we can put it up for you as long as it matches the registered blazon.

Question: You have my arms done in the English style, but I want to match the artwork to my persona, can I do that?

Answer: Again, absolutely! Just send us the artwork, or send us an email asking and we'll see what we can create for you.

Question: How do I send you my artwork?

Answer: Email works best, and pretty much any graphic format will work.

Question: How do you create the artwork for the roll?

Answer: Previous Couronne Rouge Heralds have used various tools including Photoshop and Illustrator, but at present almost all device art is created in Inkscape using SVG graphics.

Question: What else can I do with my arms now that they have passed?

Answer: Great question! One of the ancillary roles of Couronne Rouge Herald, aside from the obvious one of maintaining this site, is encouraging heraldic display in all it's forms!

Put your arms or your badge on your stuff! Mark your tent, camp gear, and storage boxes. Create and fly banners, standards, or flags!

If you're into the combat arts, obviously decorate your shield, sew up a fighting tabard with your device!

One spectacular way to use your arms is to create a full Achievement of Arms for yourself, showing your awards, rank, motto, and other things that are important to you. You can find An Tir's Heraldic Achievement Customs over on the main An Tir Heralds site.


Question: Who maintains this site?

Answer: Couronne Rouge Herald is in charge of editing, updating and maintaining this site, as well as doing a majority of the artwork needed. Several other people have been assisting with artwork as well. The first Couronne Rouge Herald was Lord Frederic Badger; Baroness Ana de la Sara was Couronne Rouge briefly, and the current Couronne Rouge is Lord VĂ©mundr Syvursson.

Question: Can I have a copy of the clip art files?

Answer: Maybe. It depends on what the source artwork is and some of the sources we use don't allow their work to be further shared. Email Couronne Rouge and ask, because a lot of the artwork can be shared in various formats.