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The An Tir Roll of Arms is a volunteer project, created at the behest of then Black Lion Principal Herald Marco Valentino.

The Roll was created by Frederic Badger serving at the whim of their majesties as Courroune Rouge Herald. The current Courrone Rouge Herald is Vémundr Syvursson.

The site contains the majority of the registered arms of the residents of the Kingdom of An Tir, and serves as a resource for the Kingdom.

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There are 3215 entries in the Roll of Arms for An Tir.

News and Updates

February 2021 LoAR Added

Posted by Vémundr Syvursson on 2021-04-15

The February 2021 LoAR, released April 11 2021, has been added to the Roll.

Six new devices and one replacement of an existing device.

Only one of our six new arrivals appears to have a corresponding Order of Precedence entry, though! Have a look at the most recent page of our Missing OP Connection page and drop me an email if you see anyone there you recognize, letting me know what name their awards and such are under over on our OP.

Yours in Service,
Vémundr Couronne Rouge

January 2021 LoAR Added

Posted by Vémundr Syvursson on 2021-04-02

The January 2021 LoAR, released March 6 2021, has been added to the Roll.

Five new devices, two updates sent in for existing entries, and two new entries from people who've moved to An Tir from other Kingdoms.

As always, if you are aware of people who've moved to An Tir from other Kingdoms where they had registered names and devices, please get them to contact myself and Dexter Gauntlet, our Order of Precedence Herald, so we can add them to our Kingdom Roll & OP!

Yours in Service,
Vémundr Couronne Rouge

December 2020 LoAR Added

Posted by Vémundr Syvursson on 2021-02-05

The final LoAR of 2020 has been added to the An Tir Roll; it was released 3 Feb 2021.

Five brand new devices, one replacement device, and one blazon correction on the Letter, and two out-of-Kingdom additions that were sent to me by email.

Mid-Year Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium, Bonus Plague Edition, was held on Zoom the weekend of Jan 22-24 and was a lot of fun and very well attended. I taught a version of my Inkscape for Heralds class to a great group of interested students. We also got word that the College of Arms will be making the virtual Mid-Year KWHSS a standard part of the calendar, even after the current Plague Time ends, which is awesome news for those of us who wouldn’t usually be able to travel to the in-person main event. My Inkscape class was recorded; when those recordings are posted I’ll share it on the next update here.

If you want to get a name, device, or badge registered, there is a Virtual Heralds Point that is taking submissions until Feb 14; the main advantage is that they have arranged payment via Paypal direct to the Laurel Exchequer, useful for the increasing number of folks without actual cheques available!

Yours in Service,
Vémundr Couronne Rouge

November 2020 LoAR Added

Posted by Vémundr Syvursson on 2021-01-10

The November 2020 LoAR, released December 31st, has been added to the Roll.

Eleven new entries, three changes of device for existing entries, and a few blazon changes or other admin actions round out a very busy Letter!

Of the eleven new entries (the most in several months!) only ONE has a corresponding OP entry that I can find, however! Please have a look at the Browse By Missing OP Entry page and if you recognize a name or arms, contact me by email and I'll get the person linked to their OP entry right away. There's a lot of lovely armoury in this month's Letter, it's a pity to leave it orphaned.

Reminder that the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Bonus Plague Edition 2021 starts on Friday 22 January and goes all of that weekend. Lots of great classes, seminars, and such, all virtual, and spread around a bit so folks from other time zones have a better chance of attending.

Happy New Year, stay safe, stay well, and commit good heraldry.

Yours in Service,
Vémundr Couronne Rouge

Read all the news and updates here: News and Updates Page.

Random Arms

Random Arms

Bjorn of Havok
Blazon: Counter-ermine, a Lisbjerg gripping-beast gules.

Lions Gate, Barony of

Random Branch Arms

Blazon: Per pale sable and argent, two lions rampant addorsed counterchanged, and in chief a laurel wreath per pale Or and vert.

Notes: Vancouver, BC, CA.