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The An Tir Roll of Arms is a volunteer project, created at the behest of then Black Lion Principal Herald Marco Valentino. The Roll was created, and currently maintained by Frederic Badger serving at the whim of their majesties as Courroune Rouge Herald. The site contains the majority of the registered arms of the residents of Kingdom An Tir, and serves as a resource for the Kingdom.

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There are 2752 entries in the Roll of Arms for An Tir.

News and Updates

Updated the Roll

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2017-03-18

September Laurel Letter has been added.

Another update, another month added

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-10-03

Roll of arms is up to date through the July 2016 letter, which is at the time of writing the latest.

updated and up to date through 6/16 letter.

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-09-19

Another update, and caught up all the way to the latest letter of accepted devices from Laurel Sovereign of Arms.

New Browse Page! Populace Badges!

Posted by Frederic Badger on 2016-08-08

I was tinkering with the code the other day, and added a new way to view the Roll. By Populace Badge! Not every branch has one, or at least has not told me theirs, but those that are available I link to the entry (based on OP location data). Just another fun way of looking at the data. You can find this page under Browse the Roll.

Ready all the news and updates here: News and Updates Page.

Random Arms

Random Arms

Algytha of Anglesey
Blazon:Per saltire purpure and vert, a badger statant Or.

Summits, Principality of the

Random Arms

Blazon:Azure, a gryphon passant and on a mountain argent, a goblet azure within a laurel wreath vert.

Notes:Southern OR

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